Wood-Destroying Insects (Termites)

Termite tubes- something you NEVER want to see in a crawlspace or basement.

Some people call them Wood Destroying Insects, others WDI’s, and still others refer to them as just “termites”.  Whatever you call ’em, they’re unwelcome in any home.

In Indiana there are 4 WDI’s to watch out for:

  • Termites
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Powderpost Beetles
  • Carpenter Bees
Their name- Wood Destroying Insects- tells us why they’re not welcome.  A good portion of your home is made of wood.  And what these insects do is destroy that wood.  Not good.

If you request a WDI inspection I’ll look for evidence of their presence.  That includes finding live insects, but it also includes dead insect parts (like wings), exit holes, staining, as well as visible wood damage.

Besides looking around with a flashlight, I’ll also probe critical wood areas to look for evidence of WDI’s.  Wood that’s been infested will be softer.
Then a recommendation will be made- either for treatment or not.  That will be based on what was found and whether treatments have been applied in the past.
The cost of a Wood-Destroying Insect Report is $50.

Bill Wilkinson

  • Certified Professional Inspector
  • State-certified Category-12 Wood Destroying Insects Inspector.
  • License #F279384