Water Testing & Analysis

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Water may look clean, but you won’t know for sure what’s in it until you get it tested.

If you decide to have your water tested, I’ll collect a sample during the home inspection and then overnight it to a state-certified lab.

Your water sample will be tested for bacteria (including E. coli and Coliform), arsenic, copper, lead, nitrates and nitrites.

If there’s bad news and bacteria is present, the lab will send an alert that same day.

The results for the rest of the contaminants will take about a week to receive.

When completed, you’ll get a report that’s easy-to-read and full of information about your water.  (Download a sample report below.)

And then you’ll know how safe your drinking water is.

The cost of Complete Water Analysis is $150. (Not offered as a stand-alone service. Only offered with inspection.)

Bill Wilkinson

  • Certified Professional Inspector
  • Water Quality Tester
  • Well Tester